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Wound Care

Indiana’s First Accredited Wound Care Program

The staff at Memorial Wound Care provide treatment for non-healing wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, pressure ulcers, ischemic wounds, non-healing surgical incisions, wounds from trauma or injury, and burns by following evidence based practices.

Treatment includes a thorough assessment to determine the cause of the wound and an appropriate plan of care. An evaluation of contributing factors including nutrition, pressure relief, mobility and lab values will be completed.

Wound Care is Certified by The Joint Commission

joint commission

Our wound care services include:

  • Application of special dressings
  • Wound debridement
  • Compression therapy
  • Negative pressure therapy
  • Pressure-relieving measures
  • Physical and occupational therapy evaluations
  • Nutrition counseling

Patient education regarding wound care and diabetes self-management training will be provided as needed. A physician's referral is not required for treatment of any wound.

For more specific information about Memorial Wound Care or to schedule an appointment, please call
(812) 683-1891. Appointments are required.

Symptoms of Non-healing Wounds

A non-healing wound is nothing to take lightly. Open wounds increase your risk of exposure to germs and bacteria. Infections that start in wounds can spread to other parts of the body and lead to serious health complications. This can often be prevented by monitoring the wound and seeking treatment if it displays worrying symptoms.

Symptoms of non-healing wounds include:

  • Wounds that show no sign of healing after several weeks
  • Pain that increases or does not decrease
  • Strange odors coming from the wound
  • Pus or other substances leaking from the wound
  • Dark discolorations around the wound

Be sure to speak with a wound care specialist if you notice any of the above symptoms after sustaining a wound.

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