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Oncology Navigator

Your Personal Guide Through Breast Cancer Treatment

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center has on-staff Navigators to help you and your loved ones navigate through the health care system during this difficult time. We are here to help you from the time of diagnosis and throughout your cancer journey. Our Navigators are health care professionals specially trained to coordinate the clinical, educational, and supportive needs you may be facing with a cancer diagnosis. Families are an integral part of this journey, and we are here to help them as well.

What Does an Oncology Navigator Do?

Navigation includes answering questions, communicating with our providers to keep them informed of your condition, and working with other professionals to ensure you have complete, compassionate care for your overall wellness. Whatever the need may be — physical, financial, or spiritual — our plan is to make sure that connections are made with the appropriate resources and to keep you and your family informed of what is going on during your own personal journey.

Some of the duties performed by our navigators include:

  • Answering questions for patients and families
  • Communicating with the patient’s various care providers and keeping them informed of your condition
  • Referring patients to helpful resources for their physical, emotional, and spiritual care
  • Keeping patients and families informed of changes in the hospital

You can rest easy knowing that there will always be a point of contact for your questions and concerns during treatment. If you ever have questions or concerns about our services or your treatment options, your oncology navigator will be there to help.

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