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Neurology focuses on the nervous system, which is a sophisticated network that transfers signals between the body and the brain. The nervous system is broken into two parts: the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spine, and the peripheral nervous system, which includes all nerves and neural elements outside of the brain and spine. Neurologists must be trained on how to diagnose and treat conditions in both systems in order to provide comprehensive care.

The experienced neurologists at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center provide care for patients suffering from all types of neurological disorders. Our highly trained team will work closely with you and your family throughout every stage of treatment to ensure your physical, emotional, and mental needs are being taken care of. We encourage all patients to speak up and tell us about any difficulties their condition is causing them so that we can help find a solution.

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Before starting treatment, your neurologists will need to perform a physical exam and assessment to get a more comprehensive picture of how your condition is affecting you. This is an important first step for creating a truly personalized treatment plan.

For help in finding a neurologist, please call Memorial Hospital's Physician Referral line at (812) 996-8470.

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