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Industrial Rehabilitation Services

On-Site Therapy Programs

Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services is committed to working with industry partners on strategies for the prevention of injury on the job, and when needed, to provide quality therapy services to injured employees.

To ensure that your employees receive the therapy they need in a timely and convenient fashion, we offer on-site rehabilitation services. With on-site therapy, we provide a physical or occupational therapistwill visit your facility to provide needed services to injured workers without the need to send them to our facility. On-site therapy also provides a more efficient means of communication with safety managers and access to an expert who can assist in managing the employee’s injury as they move from light duty back to their full requirements.

Comfort at the Computer

This 45-minute training session is designed to heighten awareness of sitting posture, muscle fatigue, and the increased tension that occurs in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Workers are instructed on work station set-up and quick stretches that greatly improve comfort and do not interfere with work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation is detailed and standardized to measure an employee’s ability to perform work. Usually ordered by a physician and performed by an occupational or physical therapist, the evaluation process includes physical evaluation procedures, questionnaires, and observations. The results of the evaluation provide objective measures that can be used by the physician to make work-related recommendations. The evaluation is extensive and can take anywhere from four to eight hours to complete.

About Functional Capacity Evaluation:

  • Ordered by a physician
  • Detailed and standardized evaluation that measures the employee’s ability to perform work
  • Health Screenings
  • Includes physical evaluation procedures, questionnaires, and observations
  • Evaluation results provide objective measures to make work-related recommendations
  • Extensive evaluation that spans four to eight hours

On-Site Therapy Service

On-site therapy provides you with a physical or occupational therapist in your facility who can provide needed services to injured workers without the need to send them to our hospital campus. On-site therapy also provides a more efficient means of communication with safety managers and access to an expert who can assist in managing the employee’s injury as they move from light duty back to their former job.

About On-Site Therapy Service:

  • Ordered by physician
  • Physical or Occupational Therapy
  • Scheduled per workplace convenience
  • Utilizes work tasks as part of therapy

Post-Offer Employment Job Testing

Memorial Health Employer services offer evaluation for functions specific to the job for which the employee is being considered. This is a benefit to employers who may need to confirm an employees abilities prior to beginning their on the job duties

Stretching Program

Designed to fit the needs of the employer, this program educates employees on risk factors associated with repetitive motion and sustained postures. The stretching program is tailor-made to fit the identified risk factors of specific jobs within the company. The program is then taught to supervisors/safety managers/team leaders or any key individuals identified by the company.

Supervisor training/worker training:

  • For Supervisors: in-depth coverage is provided on the Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD) common to their workforce and their subsequent impact on production.
  • For Employees: the Industrial Athlete philosophy is emphasized with strategies designed to increase comfort while working. This program includes a quick review of proper lifting and/or body mechanics, as well as emphasis on postural problems that zap energy and interfere with optimal productivity.

Work Risk Assessment

Assessment of the work area and work-related postures are captured on film for use in employee training. A verbal “walk-through” assessment with your safety manager can be conducted to provide ergonomic information and suggestions for your safety plan.

About the work-site evaluation:

  • Ordered by physician
  • Takes approximately 30 minutes
  • Assesses work tasks and worker performance (80% of all workplace injuries are a result of poor worker habits)
  • Immediate recommendations to workers for posture, body mechanics, and station set-up (with company approval)
  • Information provided to physicians to assist with worker’s course of treatment when appropriate

Work Hardening

The purpose of Work Hardening is to maximize an employee’s ability to return to work after an accident or injury. Work hardening uses real or simulated work activities to restore physical, behavioral, and vocational functions.

The Work Hardening program consists of:

  • Evaluation to determine the body’s range of motion and strength, current functional status, degree of pain, and motivation to return to work
  • Development of a daily program of tasks to be performed
  • The initiation of a contract between the Rehabilitation staff and the injured worker
  • Job simulation, which allows the patient to practice various techniques in a safe, supervised environment
  • Conditioning exercises to maintain or improve a person’s strength, work endurance, flexibility, and quality of movement
  • Nutritional counseling if weight is a contributing factor in the disability
  • Body/mind management to help the individual become goal-oriented and focused on his or her job and on developing a realistic plan to return to work

How to Participate

Work Hardening requires a physician’s referral. The length of the program is determined by the individual patient’s needs. The program ends when the participant achieves a return-to-work status, progress stops, or the attitude of the participant makes improvement unlikely. The Work Hardening program is normally covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services is now located at Memorial Health Center, 695 West 2nd Street, Suite D in Jasper. Contact us for more information at 812-996-0682.

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