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Emergency Response System

LIFELINE is a unique system which allows you to live at home independently while maintaining an immediate emergency link to Lifeline Systems Call Center at the push of a button. LIFELINE operates in conjunction with your home or mobile telephone service and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Installation of LIFELINE does not affect the normal operation of your telephone.

How Does LIFELINE Work?

Each subscriber has a communicator unit attached to the telephone and a portable button that can be worn around the neck, on a wrist band, carried in the pocket, or attached to your clothing. At the first sign of trouble, you push the portable button. This automatically sends an electronic message through the telephone line to Lifeline Systems Call Center's Emergency Response Center where trained personnel immediately talk to you to determine the problem. If you are unable to communicate, our Response Center staff contacts responders whose names have been supplied by you. These responders are usually relatives, friends, or neighbors who live nearby and have a key to enter your home.

In addition to the list of responders, the Response Center staff has a brief medical history on you as well as the name of your doctor. They will contact the necessary parties such as police or ambulance as appropriate.

How Can LIFELINE Reassure Me or My Family?

LIFELINE is more than electronic equipment. It is a psychological support system, linking you to medical services in the community. It provides the security of knowing you can be in touch with others if necessary. With the LIFELINE system, you are always in touch with someone who cares. Families are reassured that help is always available, even when they can't be there.

What is LIFELINE with AutoAlert?

LIFELINE with Auto Alert not only provides all the benefits and functionality of the standard service, but it also provides subscribers with an added layer of protection. LIFELINE with AutoAlert automatically places a call for help if a fall is detected and the subscriber cannot press his or her Personal Help Button because he/she is disoriented, immobilized, or unconscious after a fall. This new service is enabled by an easy-to-wear pendant-style help button that has unique embedded technology to determine when a fall has occurred and will automatically initiate a help call if the fallen individual has not gotten up within 30 seconds.

How do I subscribe to LIFELINE?

To subscribe to Memorial Hospital’s LIFELINE service, please contact the LIFELINE Coordinator at 812-996-2399 option 1.