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Medication Resource Center

What is The Mary Potter Medication Resource Center?

Prescription medications are an important part of your health care. Unfortunately, some patients can’t afford the medications they need. At Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, our goal is to help you get well and stay well. That’s why we opened The Mary Potter Medication Resource Center – to help you receive your medications in times of need. This is a free service to our patients - made possible by a generous donation from Memorial Hospital Foundation - and supports Memorial Hospital's mission to "Be for Others".

Our center works through a variety of public and private services that can help provide your medications at no or reduced cost when you need help. We’ll check your list of medications to see if any have assistance programs. It’s then up to those individual programs whether they approve your medication request.

If you’re approved, enrollment is usually good for one year. If you need help after the approved time period, or if your situation changes, you may reapply.

Please understand that not all medications can be provided through this program. Those that can’t be provided through an assistance plan are the patient’s responsibility.

How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for medication assistance programs, patients must meet certain requirements that vary from program to program. Patients who have prescription coverage, such as Medicare Part D, or patients with high deductibles may qualify for help through some programs.

Because each program has different requirements, it’s possible to be approved for one medication and not for another. The following are general criteria that most programs require:

  • No prescription insurance coverage
  • Low income (using government guidelines)
  • Inability to pay for medications
  • Under-insured

If you have any questions about whether or not you are eligible, or if you would like applications for your medications, please request a referral to our center from your provider. We will follow up with you by phone as soon as we are able. Referrals are worked on in the order they are received.

What we will need to process your application:

• Proof of Income (Form 1040 of most recent Federal Tax Return)

• Pay Stubs, Unemployment Stubs

• Social Security Award Letter

• Pension Statements

What Happens After I Have Applied?

It can take up to six weeks to receive your medication after you’ve applied for help through the program. This depends on how quickly you provide requested documentation to the Medication Resource Center. Medication may be mailed to your home or sent to your doctor’s office. No medications are on site at our clinic.

If you need medication during this six-week period, please contact your health care provider for a prescription. Our office will keep track of your medication assistance status. If it becomes necessary for you to reapply, we’ll notify you if we need updated financial information. Please make sure to return requested information in a timely manner to avoid a lapse in medication coverage.

Due to the volume of prescription assistance requests, we are unable to answer individual questions about whether a medication has arrived. We understand that this medication is important to your health. Please be assured that you will either receive your medication via mail, UPS, or FedEx right at your doorstep/mailbox or your provider will call you for pick-up if it is a product that ships to the doctor’s office.

Our Medication Resource Specialists:

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