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Keeping Up With Employee Health & Wellness

Health problems are not always immediately obvious. Working conditions can put continuous strain on our bodies that builds up over time. While symptoms may not be noticeable at first, the damage is still being done, and when it reaches a point where the condition is apparent, it may be too late. This is why it is important to undergo industrial health screenings – especially those that screen for common conditions that affect your particular industry.

A variety of screening procedures can be completed in the Memorial Health Employer Services clinic or onsite. These screenings include:

  • Baseline hearing screening and hearing conservation
  • Vision screening, including screening for color aptitude
  • Pulmonary function testing and respirator fit testing
  • Regulated drug screening
  • Executive Physicals

Executive Physicals

Memorial Hospital’s Executive Physicals are a personalized approach to health and well-being. The purpose of this program is to address and minimize individual health risks, detect potential problems and disease, promote general health and wellness, and provide a medical plan when necessary.

Executive Physicals are a one-day visit in which executives receive a thorough medical evaluation, comprehensive testing, nutrition counseling, and an introduction to wellness coaching. A dedicated physician concludes the physical with a review of the test results with the executive providing a personalized approach for overall health.

A full report of test and examination results are provided for sharing with the participant’s primary care provider. Call 812.996.2382 for details.

Hearing Conservation

Through the use of education, training, and hearing monitoring, we strive to prevent hearing loss from occupational and non-occupational noise exposure. The Occupational Hearing Conservation Program offers companies of any size on-site testing that helps reduce downtime for employees. A CAOHC-trained technician performs audiometric testing, and a team of providers including a Nurse Practitioner, a licensed audiologist, and a physician work collaboratively to perform all needed follow-up including retest audiograms and answering specific employee questions.

Test time for each employee is approximately 10 minutes (6 employees per hour). Testing is done on-site in a quiet room with an acoustical booth. Ambient noise levels of the test room are obtained to ensure accurate results, and immediate interpretation of each employee’s test results are provided. Counseling may also be provided on the proper usage of protective hearing devices.

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