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Your Stay on Women and Infant Services

When its time to welcome your new baby into the world, the Women and infant Services staff will provide you with individualized care throughout your stay. Our priority is your comfort and safety when you're having a baby.

When You Arrive at the Hospital

Regardless of the delivery route, our maternity staff will work closely with you to stick to your labor and delivery preferences as much as possible. Our staff and anesthesia department are fully prepared to offer you a variety of pain relief options based on your preference. Our maternity staff will assist you during labor with positioning using Spinning Babies © maneuvers to help ensure your baby will be the best possible position for childbirth. Immediately following birth your baby will be placed on your chest for some special skin to skin time while your support person/partner cuts the cord after delayed cord clamping.

You will spend the rest of your stay in your private maternity room. Your baby will be kept with you in your room as much you want. If you would like to shower or take a nap, our staff will gladly watch your newborn in our newborn nursery. If your baby needs the extra support of our Level II Nursery, you will be able to visit your little one's bedside routinely until he/she is ready to move to out to a regular room.

Visitation During your Stay

We encourage you to have a support person with you during labor and delivery and they may visit at any time. You may designate one additional person during labor and delivery who may also visit freely throughout your stay. One support person may spend the night on Postpartum on the hide-a-bed provided in each room.

After delivery, unrestricted visitation hours on postpartum are 10:00 am-12:00 pm and 3:00 pm-6:00 pm daily. Siblings of the newborn are unrestricted during these hours; otherwise, all visitors must be age 12 and healthy.

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