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Wellness Program Planning

Personalized Health & Wellness Programs

Memorial Hospital’s Health and Wellness program is a comprehensive selection of information, education, and activities designed to teach you and your employees how to stay healthy. The benefits of good health are immeasurable and include:

  • Improved employee productivity and performance
  • Reduced accidents, injuries and damage
  • Improved corporate image and morale
  • Reduced medical costs
  • Workers compensation claims, and absenteeism

Wellness programs may be conducted at your worksite or at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center. Health Educators can help you plan screenings, wellness activities, and incentive programs based on your company’s needs and the risks of your employees.

Initial Consultation

This service provides assistance to companies in assessing their needs for wellness. The Health and Wellness Team will explain wellness program options, help the company assess health risks of employees, and assist in conducting employee surveys and claim audits. Budgeting and annual planning are also offered at no charge.


The first phase of a wellness program, Awareness, may last one or two years and serve to inform employees of your program and expectations. It gives them an opportunity to understand what wellness is and to give their ideas and interests. This is the initial motivation phase.

The second phase is Intervention. Employees are more eager to begin making changes in their lifestyle. The company will have collected valuable data from surveys, health screenings, and employees’ comments and requests. Health care costs may remain high in the awareness phase but should see some decline in the Intervention Phase.

The final phase is Maintenance. Organizations move into the Maintenance Phase with higher employee participation rates and an increased commitment by employees to self-care. Special events may be planned to recognize success and health care dollars saved while promoting wellness.

Wellness Team Training

Assistance is provided to the wellness coordinator to organize and orient a team of co-workers who will assist in planning the company’s wellness activities. On-going support is offered at no charge following health screenings.

Onsite Coordinator

A Health Educator will be available on-site for a designated number of hours each week/month to coordinate your wellness program, conduct weigh-ins and blood pressure checks, do wellness goal setting with employees, coordinate challenges, Lunch & Learns, and other wellness campaigns. Documentation and tracking for Return on Investment can also be done with your program to show outcomes.

Onsite Wellness Check-Ins

This service provides a monthly one-on-one experience for employees. Wellness coach/health educator will be at the worksite a designated number of hours to meet with employees. 10-15 minute check-ins include a blood pressure and weight check and a brief discussion about healthy behaviors to practice for the month. Check-ins assist in establishing wellness goals, enhance employee accountability, and provide lifestyle behavior education.

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