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Diagnostic X-Ray

Most people are familiar with x-rays. These are simple, painless, and non-invasive imaging procedures that allow us to view the body’s internal structures. Many people get x-rays after sustaining an injury, such as a twisted knee or sprained ankle. However, x-rays can also aid in the diagnosis of certain types of diseases like pneumonia.

X-rays may also be used as a standard part of pre-employment screening for jobs that require heavy lifting or some other type of physical exertion. Your employer needs to know that you will be physically fit for the job required, and it’s also important for you to find out if your body is capable of performing a job day-after-day without hurting yourself. X-ray services are available at 695 West 2nd Street, Suite A2 in Jasper, IN as part of Memorial Orthopaedic Associates and in collaboration with Memorial Health Employer Services. Both medical and pre-employment options are available.

What to Expect

Never had an x-ray before? Don’t worry, these are very simple exams that can usually be done in under 30 minutes. The test is completely painless, and the results will be permanently added to your medical record so that any health care providers involved in your care can review them.

The images captured by an x-ray can capture signs of bone damage, abnormal growths, and other injuries.

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