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Nursing by Department

Emergency Department:

23 beds

Our Emergency Department (ED) sees on average 80 patients per day, approximately 26,000 patients annually. The ED is recognized as CEN, SANE, top 10% in Nation for Medical Excellence in Heart Attack Treatment in 2017CareChex®, and operates as a Level III trauma department. The nurse to patient ratio is 4:1 with a minimum of 4 nurses staffed during low census and maximum of 7 RNs staffed during high census. Currently the ED offers a variety of 12 hour shifts that include staggered start times with 24 hour coverage, 8 hour shifts, and weekend option shifts. The staff works closely with Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Laboratory, Cardiac Services, Chaplains, and Security. The department employs a Nursing Director, Clinical Manager, Informatics Nurse, Trauma Registrar, Nurse Clinician, Charge Nurse, Registered Nurses, Patient Care Technicians, Unit Secretaries, and Greeters. To provide the best emergency care to our patients the ED staff further their knowledge with BLS, ACLS, dysrhythmia course, PALS, ENPC, TNCC, CPI, and a NIHSS stroke scale course.

Level III Trauma Center

The nursing staff of our nationally verified American College of Surgeons Level III Trauma Center includes a Trauma Program Director, Trauma Performance Improvement Coordinator and 2 Trauma Registrars. These nurses provide the expertise to manage the Trauma Program. As a Level III Trauma Center, we provide prompt assessment, resuscitation, emergency operations, and stabilization and also arrange for transfer to a facility that can provide definitive trauma care when needed. Strict guidelines regarding the availability of staffing and medical equipment are required to maintain the Level III verification.

Critical Care:

26 ICU/Telemetry beds

Critical Care Services (CCS) is dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based care for patients requiring medical, surgical, or cardiac intensive care services and telemetry monitoring for the acutely ill in an intensive care/step down unit environment. Nurses are cross-trained to care for patients who may require mechanical ventilation, vasoactive drips requiring titration, invasive monitoring and telemetry cardiac monitoring. CCS staff also care for post-op patients, patients undergoing cardioversions, cardiac catheterization, percutaneous coronary or peripheral interventions, and the treatment of MI, pulmonary edema, COPD, CVA, sepsis, and multi-system organ failure. The average length of stay in CCS is three days with a nurse to patient ratio between two to four patients depending on ICU vs Telemetry status.

CCS staff work either 12 hour days or nights, every third weekend rotation, and weekend option positions are available. CCS staff strives to provide patient-centered care by collaborating closely with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Respiratory Therapy, Social Work, Dietary, PT/OT/ST, Hospitalist Services, and Pastoral Care. Team work is of the utmost importance and highest priority to promote healthy work environments, improve patient outcomes, and collaboration among all disciplines. The CCS team includes Director, Clinical Manager, Nurse Clinician, Charge Nurse, Clinical RN’s, Critical Care Technicians, CNA’s, Critical Care Service Coordinator, Remote Monitor Technician, Resource Team, and Vascular Access.

Within the first year of employment, all Clinical RNs are required to obtain ACLS and NIH Stoke Scale Certifications along with being competent in dysrhythmia interpretation and Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump monitoring. Professional certification is highly encouraged when eligible from American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). Certifications recognized from AACN are CCRN and PCCN.


22 beds

Post-Surgical Services features private rooms that are well equipped to meet the needs of the post-surgical patient. Highly trained nurses care for orthopaedic, general surgery, urology, plastic, oral and maxillofacial, bariatric, and gynecology surgery patients. The Post-Surgical Services staff works closely with Surgeons, PT/OT/ST, Dietitians and Wound Care Specialists to help facilitate the speediest recovery from both the unexpected or planned surgery. They focus not only on the physical healing after surgery, but also the immediate mental and emotional restoration that is necessary for complete recovery. The Post-Surgical unit is part of Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center's Orthopaedic Center of Excellence. Their staff has been instrumental in the hospital’s Joint Commission Disease Specific Certifications in both total knee replacements and total hip replacements.

Post-Surgical nurses’ work mainly 12 hour day and night shifts. However, 8 hour day, evening, and night shifts are available along with weekend option positions. The Post-Surgical leadership team includes a Director, Clinical Manager, and Nurse Clinician. They employ clinical RNs, an LPN, CNAs, Nurse Externs, Nurse Interns, Nurse Residents, and a Department Assistant. Continuing education is highly encouraged and supported by the Post-Surgical leadership team. Certification is encouraged and the department currently has nurses that are RN-BC and RN CMSRN and acknowledge ONC certification.


29 beds

The Medical Unit is the largest unit within the hospital and is blessed with a diversity of patients. The Medical Unit is quick paced and staff work very well in a team fashion. The average length of stay is 3 days, whether the patient has a new-onset illness or chronic disease. The unit has telemetry monitoring and recovers patients post pacemaker or internal cardiac defibrillator insertion as well as peripheral interventions. The unit also provides care for cancer and stroke patients. The nurse to patient is 4-5 patients, while CNA’s typically care for 6-9 patients. Shifts offered on the Medical Unit range from PRN to full-time and include days, evenings, nights – with an every 4th weekend rotation - and weekend option positions are available too. The department employs Director, Clinical Manager, Nurse Clinician, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, Nurse Externs, Nurse Interns, Nurse Residents, and Unit Secretaries. The staff works closely with Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Therapists, and Long Term Care Facilities. All nurses are required to obtain the NIH Stroke Scale Certification and complete ACLS within one year of hire. Newly licensed nurses with less than 2 years of experience get to participate in a year-long onboarding opportunity. Medical/Surgical certification is highly encouraged as well. Medical nursing is the foundation of nursing practice and one of the most demanding nursing specialties, yet such a stimulating career. We are proud that we have a large amount of our nursing staff certified in the specialty of Med/Surg Nursing – showing their commitment to providing excellent, quality care to our patients. The Medical Unit staff have a vast set of skills, are advocates for our patients, welcome diversity, and make a difference in people’s lives every day.


6 beds

The general pediatric unit serves the pediatric population ages 0-18 years of age and up to 23 years old if followed by a pediatrician. Nurses’ shifts are varied and weekend option positions. The Pediatric Unit employs a Director, Clinical Manager, and RN. The nurse to patient ratio is 1:3. Pediatric nurses receive ongoing recognition for additional accomplishments. Required certifications are provided on site for PALS and BLS. PALS instruction is led by certified pediatric nurses. Pediatric certification is recommended and encouraged. Pediatric nurses work closely with physicians and support staff. We also work in conjunction with larger children’s hospitals to provide specialized treatments locally.

Women & Infants:

6 Labor & Delivery beds, 2 Triage Rooms, I Antepartum, 1 OR Suite, 12 Postpartum Rooms, Nursery

The Women & Infants Department consists of antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, GYN, and nursery which is designed to care for most infants up to five weeks premature. The department uses AWHONN guidelines and patient acuity to determine nurse to patient ratio. To provide the best care for our moms and babies we strive for a 1:1 ratio during active labor, 1:3 antepartum, 1:6 in postpartum and nursery. If we have babies that need more intensive treatment we focus on 1:1 nursing care based on acuity. Currently the department offers a variety of day, evening, night, PRN, and weekend option shifts. The department works closely with Physicians, Anesthesia, Radiology, Laboratory, Dietary, and Social Work to ensure the best care for our mothers and even our tiniest patients. The department consists of Director, Clinical Manager, Charge Nurse, Supervisor, Lactation Consultants, CSTs, RNs, and OB Technician. To continue to provide the best care for our patient population the department promotes nursing certifications, unit based council, preceptor and mentor relationships, simulation based learning supplemented by The Women’s Hospital, St. Vincent’s Hospital as well as Riley’s Hospital for Children. To serve the community and surrounding areas, Childbirth, Breastfeeding & Sibling classes are offered. A monthly breastfeeding support group is held and outpatient lactation support is available.

Behavioral Health Services:

10 beds

Our Behavioral Health Unit is for acute, inpatient care for persons 18 and older experiencing emotional, behavioral or psychiatric difficulties. The unit is staffed with two nurses and one Mental Health Tech resulting in a nurse to patient ratio is 1:4-5 patients. Staff work 12 hour day or night shifts with weekend option shifts available. The unit also has PRN employees who work 4 hour shift increments to help with staffing needs. Behavioral Health Services employs a Director, RN Clinical Manager, Clinical Educator, nurses, Mental Health Techs/CNAs, Psychiatric Social Workers, Psychiatrists, and Psychaitric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners. The department works closely with Physicians, Hospitalist Services, PT/OT/ST, Dietary, Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy, and other specialized support departments to provide quality patient care. The Caregivers work to provide a continuum of care in the department and outpatient services for our patients upon discharge.

Inpatient Rehab Center:

8 beds

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Center (IRC) nurses serve patients with a variety of medical, physical, and functional needs. Patients who have had a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, multiple trauma, fracture of the hip or femur, amputation, or have a degenerative and progressive neurological disorder such as Parkinson's disease of multiple sclerosis by providing intensive rehabilitation for these patients with a goal to return back to the community at discharge. The nurse to patient ratio varies on shift but the average is 1:4. IRC employs Executive Director, Clinical Manager, Activity Coordinator, Social Worker, Intake Coordinator, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Nurse Externs. Staff works closely with Dietician, PT/OT/ST/RT, Pharmacy, Infection Prevention & Control, and Wound Care. Inpatient Rehab Center is Joint Commission Accredited. Experienced registered nurses are eligible to become a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) through the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN).

Skilled Caring Center:

14 beds

The Skilled Caring Center (SCC) is a fully independent, short term, skilled nursing residence that provides 24 hour professional nursing care as well as physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy; social services; activities and nutrition services. Therapeutic, religious and entertaining programs are provided by the activities staff, and assistance with admission, discharge and transfers is provided by social workers as well as assistance with Medicare and Medicaid benefits for skilled nursing care. The nurse to patient ratio varies on shift but the average is 1:6. SCC employs Executive Director/Administrator, Clinical Manager/Director of Nursing/Wound Care Specialist, MDS Coordinator, Activity Coordinator, Social Worker, Intake Coordinator, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Nurse Externs. Staff works closely with Dietician, PT/OT/ST/RT, Pharmacy, and Infection Prevention & Control. Skilled Caring Center has been recognized by US News and World Report along with receiving a 5 out of 5 rating from CMS.

Medical Practice Management:

MPM maintains 30+ primary care and specialty clinics for patients in our 8 county service area. RN, LPN, CMA, and CMAA’s are utilized as clinical staff for our providers. Providers include MD, DO, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. MPM also employs Practice Managers, Nurse Manager, Directors, Receptionists, Radiology Techs, and Phlebotomists. Specialty clinics include services for General Surgery, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Neurology, ENT (Ear Nose Throat), Urology, Wound Care, and Pediatrics. Many providers from these clinics will travel to other primary care clinics in our service area to provide more accessible services to patients in the specialty area. Clinics operate Monday through Friday and typically 8 hour days. There are clinics open up to 12 hours per day allowing condensed work week for support staff. Our Urgent Care clinic operates 7 days per week, 10 hours per day.

Additional nursing opportunities at MHHCC include but not limited to Oncology, Cardiac Lab, Cath Lab, Surgical Services, Clinical Education, Diabetic Education, Home Care, Wound Care, Information Technology, Palliative Care, Care Transitions, Parish Nursing, Quality Services, Resource Team, Trauma, Urgent Care, Vascular Access, and Radiology