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Baldrige Award Winner 2018

Our Journey to Excellence Continues

Every health care center strives to maintain the highest standards of quality care and organization. This is particularly true at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center. In 2018, we participated in the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. This program helps healthcare organizations focus on performance, quality, customer service, and organizational efficiency. We are proud to announce that we met or exceeded the program’s requirements and were awarded the Baldrige Award for 2018.

Even with this award in hand, our work is not over! We never stop striving to meet the highest standards of performance. Our team will continue to enhance performance and organizational standards so that we can continue to deliver high quality healthcare to the communities we serve.

Sharing Days 2020

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center offers Baldrige Sharing Days, where members of our leadership team will explain the steps taken to win this award. Contact us today to learn more about the Baldrige Award, what it means, and opportunities to attend a Sharing Day. Upcoming dates and a link to the registration form is listed below.

Upcoming Dates for Sharing Days in 2020

March 3-4 (Registration Form: Click Here)