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Worksite Rehab Services

Safety is essential in the workplace. Memorial Hospital's Rehabilitation Services offers a Functional Capacity Evaluation, which is a detailed and standardized evaluation used to measure an employee's ability to perform work.

This is ordered by a physician and performed by an occupational or physical therapist. The evaluation, which may take four to eight hours upon completion, includes physical evaluation procedures, questionnaires, and observations. The results provide objective measures to be used by the physician to make work-related recommendations.

Onsite therapy services provide an onsite physical or occupational therapist that can provide needed services to injured workers without the need to send them to Memorial Hospital. Onsite therapy also provides a more efficient means of communication with safety managers and access to an expert who can assist in managing the employee's injury as they move back to their former job.

Stretching programs are designed to fit the needs of the company. This program educates employees on risk factors associated with repetitive motion and sustained postures. The stretching program is tailor-made to fit the identified risk factors of specific jobs within the company. The program can then be taught to supervisors/safety managers/team leaders identified by the company.

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