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Memorial Hospital Foundation

Support for Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center

More than forty-five years after its incorporation in 1974, MEMORIAL HOSPITAL FOUNDATION has changed its focus and structure in order to better meet the needs of future health care users and an aging population. The Foundation realigned itself to grow! Its current Mission and Vision Statements are:

Our Mission:

Memorial Hospital Foundation operates for the benefit of Memorial Hospital and follows the mission of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

Our Vision:

"We strive to provide resources that enhance Memorial Hospital’s ability to transform lives and achieve its vision."

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The structure of the Foundation has shifted from a single Board of Directors to a Board plus a Development Council. In addition to a Board of Directors which is responsible for policy, financial, and operational decisions, there are currently four other committees that address specific areas of importance to the Foundation, local communities, and the Hospital.

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The Board of Directors includes:

  • E. Kyle Bennett, PRESIDENT
  • Mark Buechlein - TREASURER
  • Sr. Renee Cunningham, LCM
  • Bob Disinger, VICE-CHAIRPERSON
  • Deidra Church - EX-OFFICIO
  • Abby Schmitt, SECRETARY
  • Nick Abbett
  • Michael Kern
  • Chad Hoffman
  • Dr. Kristi Nord
  • Rachel Huls
  • Ted Miller
  • Ray Snowden
  • Kathy Sigler
  • Tina Weisman