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Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center

The Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center, located at Memorial Hospital’s Dorbett Street entrance, combines top quality medical oncology and radiation services with integrative medicine in a warm, peaceful environment. The team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists is truly committed to superior, compassionate, individualized care while embracing both conventional and complementary therapies.

Origin of Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center
Because of tremendous support and enthusiasm, the Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center became a reality in 2007. More than 4,300 people, who believed in the dream of a local cancer center, contributed to the Memorial Hospital Foundation capital campaign. The facility was named “Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center” in recognition of a very generous donation by Clem and Mary (Fuhs) Lange, who, along with their family, are owners of Best Home Furnishings in Ferdinand, Indiana.

Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center Affiliation
The Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center was the very first cancer center to be affiliated with Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center (IUSCC). The goal was to enhance the cancer services available to patients. The partnership gives the Cancer Center access to many resources and services and encompasses three main components including clinical, research, and educational. What this means to a patient is invaluable. The clinical component ensures access to specialized physicians at IU Simon Cancer Center, its reports and results to Lange-Fuhs’ referring physicians and patients, and offers IUSCC as a resource for second opinions. Educational opportunities are also provided to Lange-Fuhs’ staff via video conferencing. Simply stated, the Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center and IU Simon Cancer Center have joined forces to fight cancer and provide first-class care in the southern Indiana area.

National Accreditation
Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center’s cancer program has held national accreditation from the American College of Surgeons-Commission on Cancer (CoC) since 1996. Accreditation from the CoC is a national gold standard in cancer care and is granted only to those facilities that have voluntarily committed to provide the best in cancer diagnosis and treatment and are able to comply with established CoC standards. Just over 45 facilities in Indiana and 1500 in the United States and Puerto Rico have received accreditation. These facilities annually treat over 70 percent of all newly diagnosed cancer patients. To maintain their approval, accredited facilities must undergo an on-site review every three years. Memorial Hospital’s cancer program was re-accredited with commendations following the last review.

Radiation Oncology
A skilled team of caring and compassionate medical professionals treat Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center Radiation Oncology patients with state-of-the-art equipment. A Linear Accelerator provides Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) which matches the shape of the radiation beam to the shape of the tumor. It is one of the most advanced methods of radiation therapy using high doses of radiation to precisely target tumors while sparing the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

Integrative Medicine
Integrative Medicine allows the Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center to combine conventional and proven clinical treatments with complementary therapies to address the medical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of health and illness. It is a holistic, human centered approach that focuses on the “whole” person with the purpose of improving quality of life and promoting health and healing. It is not solely for patients but also for their family and caregivers. The Cancer Center understands that every person is unique and that plans have to be tailored to fit individual needs. The Center’s CompleteLife Program embraces this philosophy and offers many complementary therapies, including massage, music, art, dietary, pharmacy, and social work consultation, resource counseling, spiritual guidance, and support and discussion groups for both men and women. Celebrate Today, a very popular, free program of healing support, fellowship, and enjoyment, is also part of the CompleteLife program. All of these therapies are used to enhance the healing process, promote wellness, support the immune system, and alleviate pain and stress. Ultimately, with integrative medicine, the Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center fights cancer on all fronts while maintaining focus on individual patient needs. Compassion and spiritual support accompany every patient each step of the way.

MHHCC 2015 Cancer Report

For more information on the Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center or any of its services, please call 812-996-0626.

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